Michael Bom Frøst

Michael Bom Frøst

Associate Professor

Professional Resume

Michael is associate professor in Food Sensory Innovation at University of Copenhagen.

As a scientist his main research drive is to understand what good food is, and how we enjoy it as part of our daily life. His research interest is particularly to understand how we come to appreciate novel foods such as insects, craft beer, plant-based proteins and novel fermented foods. With this we can create new and innovative foods that change the way the world eats in favour of diversity and sustainability.

As an educator he teaches future generations of food scientists to make healthy food more tasty and satisfying. This is carried out in the MSc program in Food Innovation and Health at University of Copenhagen.

Previously Michael has lead Nordic Food Lab (2012-2018), and has played a role in building up research in the cross-section between gastronomy and sensory science.

Michael works with Food Design Thinking, prototyping foods and ideas. Using our senses we create better products with an approach rooted in design theory, which assumes that interaction with food is to be understood and analysed at three different levels: 1. the immediate sensory level, 2. The functional level and 3. The reflective level.

Key competences

  • Research project management and research leadership
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership in research and education organisations
  • Teaching, and its organisation at all university levels.
  • Student supervision (current 1 PhD-students, 7 completed and current 37 completed MSc students
  • Education curriculum development
  • Development of new foods based on understanding human-food interactions
  • Strong competencies in the analysis of relationships between instrumental (chemical and physical etc.) and sensory measurements.
  • Development and adaptation of sensory methods for product development with practitioners (chefs, brewers, small scale producers).

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