Helene Christine Reinbach

Helene Christine Reinbach

Associate Professor


2021: Basic education for Head of Studies

2014: Assistant professor pedagogy course

2008: PhD (Sensory Science & Nutrition), KU-Science, University of Copenhagen

2004: MSc (Biotechnology, cand.polyt), Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

2002: BSc (Diploma engineer in Chemistry), Technical University of Denmark (DTU)



2018-           Associate Professor, FOOD, University of Copenhagen

2015-2018     Associate Professor, PLAN, Aalborg University

2012-2015:   PostDoc, MENU, PLAN, Aalborg University

2010-12:     Assistant Professor, KU-Science, University of Copenhagen

2008-2010:   PostDoc, KU-LIFE, University of Copenhagen

2004-2008:   PhD Student, KU-LIFE, University of Copenhagen


National & International Research Collaborations

2022-       HealthFerm, Innovative pulse and cereal-based food                          fermentations for human health and sustainable diets, EU

                Fermfoods, SMV: Food Innovation

2019-       Trigeminal sensing for regaining food appetite and well-                     being, Velux

2015-:          Eldorado, KU-Science, University of Copenhagen

2012-2015:   SoL-Bornholm, Steno Diabetic Center, Region H, Research Center for health Promotion                      and Health (FCFS)

 2009-2014     Optimal well-being, development and health for Danish children through a healthy                            New Nordic Everyday Food (OPUS), KU, DK

2011:           Gastronomics, Plant & Food, Auckland, NZ

2009-2011: TetraPak, Malmø, SE

2007-2008:   Department of Human Biology, Maastricht University, NL.

2004-2008: Meat as part of a Meal, Danish Meat Research Institute (DMRI), Danish Technological Institute

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