Andreas Candefors Stæhr

Andreas Candefors Stæhr

Associate Professor

I am interested in everyday language use on (and around) social media and how such language practices can be studied from the perspectives of linguistic ethnography and sociolinguistics.

Research interests:

  • Language and social media
  • Language use across online and offline contexts
  • Linguisitc and social normativity
  • Youth culture and social media
  • Social media and family socialization
  • Mediaideologies
  • Linguistic diversity
  • Everyday languaging
  • Multi-sited ethnography and ethics (see here for ethics and digital language research)

Current research

Language and Social Media in the Familiy (SoMeFamily)

Social media is an integral part of contemporary everyday life and a central concern for educators and family advisers. Yet, very little is known about how social media communication functions within families or about the impact on family life of the everyday status of digital communication across different generations. With a linguistic ethnographic approach this project addresses which communicative functions social media serve among different family members in ten families selected among a cohort of adolescents in two high school classes. By a combined analytical focus on 1) digital communication cultures; 2) identity formations; 3) social relations and; 4) prevalent media and family ideologies it further investigates how social media influence family socialization in these families. By doing so the project contributes crucial new knowledge to research fields of media studies and family socialization and significantly nuances existing understandings of social media and family life.

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The project is financed by The Danish Council for Independent Research / Sapere Aude Research Leader (   

ID: 32625307