Protein-Protein Interaction Databases

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Years of meticulous curation of scientific literature and increasingly reliable computational predictions have resulted in creation of vast databases of protein interaction data. Over the years, these repositories have become a basic framework in which experiments are analyzed and new directions of research are explored. Here we present an overview of the most widely used protein-protein interaction databases and the methods they employ to gather, combine, and predict interactions. We also point out the trade-off between comprehensiveness and accuracy and the main pitfall scientists have to be aware before adopting protein interaction databases in any single-gene or genome-wide analysis.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProtein-Protein Interactions : Methods and Applications
EditorsCheryl L. Meyerkord, Haian Fu
Number of pages18
Place of PublicationNew York
PublisherSpringer Publishing Company
Publication date2015
ISBN (Print)978-1-4939-2424-0
ISBN (Electronic)978-1-4939-2425-7
Publication statusPublished - 2015
SeriesMethods in Molecular Biology

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