Opsin-free optical neuromodulation and electrophysiology enabled by a soft monolithic infrared multifunctional neural interface

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Controlling neuronal activity with high spatial resolution using multifunctional and minimally invasive neural interfaces constitutes an important step towards developments in neuroscience and novel treatments for brain diseases. While infrared neuromodulation is an emerging technology for controlling the neuronal circuitry, it lacks soft implantable monolithic interfaces capable of simultaneously delivering light and recording electrical signals from the brain while being mechanically brain-compatible. Here, we have developed a soft fibre-based device based on high-performance thermoplastics which are >100-fold softer than silica glass. The presented fibre-implant is capable of safely neuromodulating the brain activity in localized cortical domains by delivering infrared laser pulses in the 2 μm spectral region while recording electrophysiological signals. Action and local field potentials were recorded in vivo in adult rats while immunohistochemical analysis of the tissue indicated limited microglia and monocytes response introduced by the fibre and the infrared pulses. We expect our devices to further enhance infrared neuromodulation as a versatile approach for fundamental research and clinically translatable therapeutic interventions.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages19
Publication statusPublished - 23 May 2022

ID: 308823295