Jaspreet Kaur

Jaspreet Kaur

Assistant Professor

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    Jaspreet Kaur is currently an Assistant Professor in Prof. Maiken Nedergaard's Lab at the Center for Translational Neuromedicine (CTN).

    Dr. Kaur has previously worked in Dr. Rune W. Berg's Lab to unveil: 1) the mechanism for generation of movement in the mammals, 2) how the movement is orchestrated from the brain to the spinal cord and, 3) how spinal population dynamics modulate during locomotion and during natural and induced movement arrest. The prime goal has been to understand and unwind the complex motor system using adult rats (in-vivo) and post-mortem human spinal cord as the main model systems. To investigate this, Dr. Kaur has used various strategies such as Adeno-associated viruses (AAV) to target various neuronal subtypes, optogenetics, in vivo electrophysiology, chronic implants such as optical fibers, Neuropixel and Neuronexus probes in the rat spinal cord, and the brain, home-made electrode implants, immunohistochemistry, in-situ hybridization, tissue clearing, western blot, genotyping, behaviour.  

    Previously, Dr. Kaur worked as a Postdoc in Aix-Marseille University, France to reveal the regeneration of axons and immune cells response in the lumbar spinal cord using electro-conducting carbon microfibres in an in vivo triple fluorescent mice model using 2 Photon microscopy, laminectomy and spinal window, tissue clearing, image analysis, behaviour data collection and analysis.

    Dr. Kaur has obtained her PhD in Neurobiology from Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA), Trieste, Italy on Neuroprotection of the spinal locomotor networks after the spinal cord injury in neonate rat model (Supervisor Prof. Andrea Nistri). Here she used in-vitro electrophysiology (extracellular recordings) to study fictive locomotion in spinal networks in physiological and pathophysiological conditions, analysis of electrophysiological data, pharmacology, immunohistochemistry, calcium imaging and data analysis, spinal cord injury.

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