Ambient and at-the-ear occupational noise exposure and serum lipid levels

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  • Mai C Arlien-Søborg
  • Astrid S Schmedes
  • Z A Stokholm
  • M B Grynderup
  • Bonde, Jens Peter
  • C S Jensen
  • Hansen, Åse Marie
  • T W Frederiksen
  • J Kristiansen
  • K L Christensen
  • J M Vestergaard
  • S P Lund
  • H A Kolstad

OBJECTIVES: Occupational and residential noise exposure has been related to increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Alteration of serum lipid levels has been proposed as a possible causal pathway. The objective of this study was to investigate the relation between ambient and at-the-ear occupational noise exposure and serum levels of total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol, and triglycerides when accounting for well-established predictors of lipid levels.

METHODS: This cross-sectional study included 424 industrial workers and 84 financial workers to obtain contrast in noise exposure levels. They provided a serum sample and wore portable dosimeters that every 5-s recorded ambient noise exposure levels during a 24-h period. We extracted measurements obtained during work and calculated the full-shift mean ambient noise level. For 331 workers who kept a diary on the use of a hearing protection device (HPD), we subtracted 10 dB from every noise recording obtained during HPD use and estimated the mean full-shift noise exposure level at the ear.

RESULTS: Mean ambient noise level was 79.9 dB (A) [range 55.0-98.9] and the mean estimated level at the ear 77.8 dB (A) [range 55.0-94.2]. Ambient and at-the-ear noise levels were strongly associated with increasing levels of triglycerides, cholesterol-HDL ratio, and decreasing levels of HDL-cholesterol, but only in unadjusted analyses that did not account for HPD use and other risk factors.

CONCLUSION: No associations between ambient or at-the-ear occupational noise exposure and serum lipid levels were observed. This indicates that a causal pathway between occupational and residential noise exposure and cardiovascular disease does not include alteration of lipid levels.

Original languageEnglish
JournalInternational Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health
Issue number7
Pages (from-to)1087-1093
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2016

ID: 164585497