Ulf Madsen

Ulf Madsen

Head of school, Skolechef

Member of:

    School director and chairman of the educational council at School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

    Extensive research experience with design and synthesis of glutamate receptor ligands. Selective ligands for ionotropic as well as metabotropic glutamate receptors have been developed for structure-activity studies of the different receptor classes, and the work has afforded a number of important pharmacological tools. Compounds with antagonist activities have shown neuroprotective properties in animal models and are consequently leads for potential therapeutic candidates. Projects involving structure-based drug design have resulted in the development of important pharmacological agents with high subtype selectivity. The work generally involves synthesis of heterocyclic compounds, use of bioisosteric principles and molecular pharmacology on native as well as recombinant receptors. See also CV.

    ID: 1300906