Ulf Madsen

Ulf Madsen

Associate Professor emeritus

Address          Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

(former Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PHARMA)/

Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences/

Royal Danish School of Pharmacy)


University of Copenhagen

Universitetsparken 2, DK-2100 Copenhagen



Graduated (Cand.pharm.) from The Royal Danish School of Pharmacy             1983

Ph.D. (Lic.pharm.) from The Royal Danish School of Pharmacy                         1988



Visiting scientist at Dept. of Pharmacology, University of Sydney, Australia     1987           

Visiting scientist at Inst. of Organic Chemistry, Syntex Research, CA, U.S.A.   1990  

Friedrich-Merz Foundation Guest-Professor at Inst. of Pharmaceutical

Chemistry, Johan Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main, Germany   1992



Research scholarship from The Royal Danish School of Pharmacy      1984 – 1987           

Research scholarships from The Lundbeck Foundation (at PHARMA)  1987 – 1993              

Associate professor (Lektor), Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry, PHARMA   1994 – 2023        

Head of Department, Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry, PHARMA               1996 – 2002         

Head of Department, Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry, PHARMA               2005 –  2008

Associate Dean, PHARMA                                                                  2008 –  2011      

School Director, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Fac. Health           2012 – 2023

Emeritus, Dept. Drug Design and Pharmacology, Univ. Copenhagen.        2023 -



Supervisor of 12 ph.d.-students (all graduated)

Supervisor of more than 25 graduate-project students

Chairman of the PhD Study board (Ph.d.-Studienævnet, PHARMA)         2003 – 2005

Chairman of the Research grant board (Stipendieudvalget, PHARMA)      2003 – 2005

Director of the Drug Research Academy (DRA) at PHARMA                      2005 – 2007

Member of The Danish Commitee on Scientific Dishonesty                      2003 – 2012


Author of more than 100 scientific papers, co-editor of a textbook (four editions) and

co-inventor on two patents.



EU, BIO2-CT93-0243 (co-applicant P.Krogsgaard-Larsen) DKK 1.286.000    1993 – 1996

Graduate School of Drug Research,                           DKK 1.300.000     2000 – 2003

PhD. grant, industry partner: Neurosearch

DRA, PhD grant, industry partner: Lundbeck                  DKK 1.400.000     2002 – 2006

Danish Research Agency, Scholar stipend                   DKK 162.000       2004

DRA, Post.doc. grant                                                    DKK 1.000.000    2004 – 2005

DRA, PhD grant, industry part: Novo Nordisk                 DKK 1.400.000    2004 – 2007

The Carlsberg Foundation, Secretary Assist                DKK 1.620.000    2003-2011 

Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, grants for DRA:

3 international PhD scholarships                                    DKK 5.102.496    2007 – 2009

8 Co-financed PhD scholarships                                     DKK 4.080.000    2007 – 2009

Operating costs (Kvalitetsfremmemidler)                        DKK 10.000.000  2007 – 2011


Publications 1986 - 2006:


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