Steen Hjul Lybke

Steen Hjul Lybke

PhD fellow

I am a Ph.D. fellow at the Center for Science & Faith (CVT), formally trained within the field of sociology (cand.scient.soc.), University of Copenhagen.

Primary fields of research

My research revolves around three main topics:

(1): The classic and contemporary thinkers of sociology in relation to questions on science and faith. Though with a particular passion for critical theory.

(2): Ecological thinking in an interdisciplinary perspective and how it is, or ought to be, linked to our understanding of the good life.

(3): Philosophy of religion & ethics. With a focus on the phenomenologically guided metaphysics of K. E. Løgstrup. In addition, the works of Charles Taylor are a key source of inspiration to me.

Current research

My current work revolves around how to understand what the good life is in a time of ecological crisis. My approach is an interdisciplinary, comparative study of, on the one hand, Scandinavian ecotheology (here I especially draw on K.E. Løgstrup's descriptive metaphysics) and, on the other, the tradition of critical theory. Though with a focus on Hartmut Rosa and Arne Johan Vetlesen.

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