Steen Hjul Lybke

Steen Hjul Lybke

PhD fellow

Brief curriculum vitae of Ph.D. Fellow Steen Hjul Lybke


2013: Graduated high school.

2014-2015: Philosophy at the University of Copenhagen.

2015-2021: Sociology at the University of Copenhagen.

2021: 1. part of a diploma in public governance.


2017: Ministry of Education, student assistant

2018-2019: Institute of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, teaching assistant to prof. Lars Tønder.

2019-2020: The Academy for Talented Youths, teacher.

2021-2023 - Ministry of Food Supply, Agriculture and Fishery, administrative officer.

2023 - Ph.D. Fellow at the Center for Science and Faith (CVT) at University of Copenhagen.


Ph.D. fellow

ID: 365538365