Rasmus Mølgaard Mariager

Rasmus Mølgaard Mariager

Associate Professor

Rasmus Mariager, b. 1971, is associate professor in Contemporaty European and Danish History. Previously he was assistant professor at University of Southern Denmark and before that he was working for a commission that investigated the surveillance conducted by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service during the Cold War. Mariager has also contributed to a White Book on Denmark during the Cold War 1945-1991.

Rasmus Mariager is Editor-in-Chief of Scandinavian Journal of History, and he has written 7 volumes and edited 12 volumes on the Cold War in Europe and transatlantic relations. Additionally, his publications include:

  1. "Political Ambitions and Economic Realities: Britain, Denmark and the US in the Early Cold War", Jørgen Sevaldsen et al (ed.), Britain and Denmark (MTP 2003), 38 pages
  2. ”Occupation of a Welfare State: Danish Experiences, 1940-45”, sammen med Klaus Petersen, Revue d’histoire nordique/Nordic Historical Review, 2007, no 3, 19 pages
  3. "German Refugees and Danish Occupying Forces. On Denmark’s de facto Integration into the Western Defense Planning prior to the Atlantic Pact", Henrik Lundtofte et al (eds.), War and Society in Scandinavia in the 20th Century (University Press 2009), 21 pages
  4. “British Leadership is Experienced, Cool-Headed and Predictable. Anglo-Danish relations and the US from the end of the Second World War to the Cold War”, Scandinavian Journal of History, vol 37, No. 2 (2012), 15 pages
  5. "Surveillance of Peace Movements in Denmark during the Cold War", Journal of Intelligence History, vol. 12, no 1 (2013), 16 pages
  6. "'The Need for More Cooperation'. Transnational Social Democratic Networks, the Crisis of Détente and the Continuation of Ostpolitik", Oliver Bange & Poul Villaume, eds., The Long Détente, fortcoming, 25 pages
  7. “Written in ‘Splendid Isolation’. Danish Cold War Historiography”, Journal of Cold War Studies, forthcoming, 25 pages


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