Nete Nørgaard Kristensen

Nete Nørgaard Kristensen


2019- : Professor, Department of Communication, UCPH
2006-2019: Associate Professor, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, UCPH
2003-2006: Assistant Professor, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, UCPH
2003: Research assistant, Department of Film and Media Studies, UCPH
2000-2003: PhD-fellow, Department of Film and Media Studies, UCPH
1999-2000: External Lecturer, Department of Film and Media Studies, UCPH

Research grants
2020-2023: Danish partner and WP leader in INVENT, funder: European Commission/H2020
2015-2019: PI of DDF2-research project FITT: From Ivory Tower to Twitter: Rethinking the Cultural Critic in Contemporary Media Culture, funder: Independent Research Fund Denmark
2018: PI of project on media use and information about arts and culture, funder: Dagspressens Fond
2016-2017: PI of Nordic comparative project, "A Question of Quality?", funder: Arts Council Norway
2014-2015: PI of Nordic Network for Cultural Journalism Research, funder: NOS-HS
2008-2010: Participant, DFF-project on newspapers as a political and cultural resource, sub-project on cultural journalism, incl. additional funding from Dagspressens Fond
2003-2005: Participant, DFF Centre of Media and Democracy. Individual sub-projects: 1) The Media Relations of the Communication Sector, 2) Danish Media at War
2000-2003: PhD-fellowship, UCPH 

Management, administratrive, editorial etc. positions
2019-2022: Chair, Section of Media Studies, Department of Communication, UCPH
2018- : Board member, CPH University Post
2018- : Executive board member, Danish encyclopledia of Media and Communication
2018- : Editorial board member, Journalism Studies
2017-2021: Chair, Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator expert group 10: Media and communication
2016-2021: Member of the Academic Council, Faculty of Humanities, UCPH
2016-2019: Co-chair of research group, "Media Systems and Journalism"2016- : Editorial board member, Journalism Practice 
2016-2021: Editorial board member, Journalism and Mass Communication Quaterly
2015: Chair of research priority area, "Journalism Studies - Crossing Boundaries" 
2014-2017: Member, Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator expert group 10: Media and communication
2013-2014: Member of the Faculty’s Steering Committee for Digital Humanities, UCPH
2010-2013: Head of Studies, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, UCPH
2006-2007: Head of Master i Cross-Media Communication, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, UCPH
2004-2006: Book review editor, editorial board member of Mediekultur
2004-2005: Responsible for developing and marketing Master i Cross-Media Communication, Department of Film- and Media Studies, UCPH
2001-2003: Board member of the The Danish National Research
School for Media, Communication
and Journalism/FMKJ
2001-: Reviewer and book reviewer, international journals and conferences (e.g., Communication, Culture & Critique; ECREA; ICA; Journalism PracticeJournalistica; Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly; Journalism. Theory, Practice, CriticismJournal of Health Organization and Management; MedieKultur; New Media & Society, Northern Lights, Norsk MedietidsskriftNordicom Review; Poetics; International Journal of Press/Politics)
2000-: Member of The Association of Danish Media Researchers/SMID

Visiting scholar/research stays
2018: Fudan University, Nordic Center
2017: Fudan University, Nordic Center
2017: Erasmus University Rotterdam, Department for Media and Communication Studies
2017: SciencePo, Grenoble
2002: Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain la Neuve

2013: CBS Executive Research Management Course
2009: Diploma of Leadership, ‘The Researcher as manger  – management of research’, Danish School of Public Administration
2003: PhD, Department of Film- and Media Studies, UCPH
2001: Graduate diploma in specialized business studies (marketing), Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College
1999: MA in Media Studies, Department of Film- and Media Studies, UCPH
1996/97: Internationale diplomas in French (DALF, DELF I & II, Diplôme d´Études Françaises 2e Degré), Université Stendhal, Grenoble


Ph.d., MA

ID: 14025