Morten Ebbe Juul Nielsen

Morten Ebbe Juul Nielsen

Associate Professor

Member of:

    associate professor of philosophy, currently workiong at philosophy and the institute of food and resource economics.

    Have worked with a broad range of topics within practical philosophy (moral theory, political philosophy, bioethics, business ethics/CSR and legal philosophy) with a main interest in questions concerning legittimacy under considtions of reasonalbe pluralism and disagreement. Recently been working on questions in the intersection between health science and philosophy, e.g. the question of personal responsibility for health.


    At the Faculty of Humanities my research is used as an example of the impact the humanities researchers have on society. 
    Read the case: Practical philosophy enriches health debate

    Primary fields of research

    Political philosophy, applied ethics, moral philosophy

    Current research

    Currently working on a string of papers related to the Copenhagen university's interdisciplinary 2016-projects, GO - Governing Obesity and Globl Genes, Local Concerns. Pursues research into the relation and friction between public reason liberalism and public health

    Fields of interest

    Pol. phil, applied ethics , moral philosophy.

    I have a special interest in the relation between state and individual and politics and morality broadly construed.


    Practical Philosophy, boradly construed.

    Praktisk filosofi bredt forstået.

    More specifically: Political philosophy (especially contemporary theories), philosophy and health, especially public health ethics, legitimacy, distributive theories, individual liberty, consent, applied philosoph/ethics, CSR/business ethics, organizational philosophy and theory, legal philosophy, normative ethics.

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