Morten Bækgaard Thomsen

Morten Bækgaard Thomsen

Associate Professor

I am driven by my interest in how the electricity of the heart and the pump function of the heart interact. This means that I bridge the research areas “cardiac electrophysiology” and “cardiovascular hemodynamics”. Currently, I am devoted to addressing the unmet medical needs of patients with Heart Failure with preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF).

Patients with HFpEF have unchartered disease progression, debilitating symptoms of heart failure, ambiguous diagnostic criteria, significant comorbidities of unknown importance, and no effective treatment options. I want to contribute significantly to understanding HFpEF through the use of relevant animal models for HFpEF.

Next to HFpEF, my research fields are circadian rhythms, chronobiology, arrhythmias, ion-channel pharmacology, the evolutionary aspects of cardiac electrical impulse conduction and ECGs.

I teach, study and research due to my love of knowledge and my motive is often simply intellectual ambition. I thoroughly enjoy the academic freedom and the possibility of studying fundamental questions at the university, and I have little affection for the purpose-driven, solution-oriented approach.

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