Mogens Larsen Andersen

Mogens Larsen Andersen


Research areas

Physical and chemical stability of foods with a focus on the mechanistic understanding of oxidative changes such as lipid and protein oxidation. Investigations of antioxidants and pro-oxidants and their mechanistic effects on foods and model systems. Understanding of complex antioxidant mechanisms in connection with protection of oxidation sensitive ingredients and vitamins in foods. ESR spectroscopic investigation of radicals as reactive intermediates in oxidative processes, and as probes for investigations of molecular mobility of components in food, including the influence of microviscosity and phase transitions on the oxidative stability and storage. Detailed investigations of radical processes in connection with storage of beer, wine and other beverages.


Course responsible: The compulsory BSc course “Food Chemistry”.  PhD-course "ESR spectroscopy in food research"

Teacher on the courses  ”Molecular Food Science”, ”Beverage Technology”, ”Brewing 1” and ”Brewing 2” .

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