Liza Rosenbaum Nielsen

Liza Rosenbaum Nielsen


Professor in Veterinary Preventive Medicine conducting research, teaching, supervision, scientific advisory consultancy, project leadership and research evaluation within epidemiology, risk assessment, surveillance and control of infectious animal diseases and zoonoses.

Head of the Copenhagen Cattle Research Center (

Course leader of the annual One Health International Summer Course in Copenhagen.

Former President of the Society for Veterinary and Preventive Medicine (SVEPM) -

Member of EU COST Action NEOH: “Network for Evaluation of One Health”, now European Chapter of EcoHealth International.

Member of EU COST Action Sound-Control: “Standardizing Output-Based Surveillance to Control Non-regulated Diseases of Cattle in the EU”.

Main interests:
One Health, preventive veterinary medicine and Veterinary Public Health, epidemiology of infectious diseases, animal health, antimicrobial use, diagnostic test evaluation, risk analysis, biosecurity, surveillance, control and eradication of infectious diseases.


Declaration of potential conflicts of interest:
Collaborates with employees from various branches of Danish animal production, private veterinarians and farmers, the pharmaceutical industry and various NGOs (within EcoHealth, One Health and community development), typically through externally funded projects.

The representatives of these companies or organizations are either partners in the projects or sit on advisory committees in the projects. Written collaboration agreements/contracts determine the responsibilities and rights between the partners to support responsible conduct of research and advisory functions.

In all these matters, Liza acts as an employee of the University of Copenhagen and receives no remuneration from the external partners.

She is a board member of the Danish Cattle Levy Fund appointed by the Danish Agency of Agriculture and Fisheries under the Ministry of Environment and Food. In this position, she is entitled to an annual standard salary for the time spent on the work for the board.

She sometimes receives payment for lectures, seminars or courses given to, for example, veterinarians in private organizations, agriculture or pharmaceutical companies, or for speaking for private national or international companies or organisations (e.g. the veterinary associations in Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands).

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