Liza Rosenbaum Nielsen

Liza Rosenbaum Nielsen


DVM in 1998.

In mixed veterinary practice from 1998-2000.

PhD in Veterinary Epidemiology in 2003 based on the thesis: 
"Salmonella Dublin in Dairy Cattle: use of diagnostic tests for investigation of risk factors and infection dynamics"

Assistant professor from 2003-2006.

Diplomate in the European College of Veterinary Public Health in 2006.

Associate professor 2006-2012.

Professor in Infectious Disease Control from January to March 2013.

Professor with special assignments (PMSO) in Disease Control and Prevention from April 2013. 

Dr of Veterinary Science, August 2013 based on the doctoral thesis:
"Salmonella Dublin in cattle: epidemiology, design and evaluation of surveillance and eradication programmes"

Professor in Veterinary Preventive Medicine since February 2017.



ID: 4232936