Jesper Lee Jyderup

Jesper Lee Jyderup

PhD fellow

I have worked with cultural analysis in the context of innovation and design since the late 2000s as a lecturer and project manager. In 2014 I came to ToRS as a part-time lecturer in organization theory and cross-cultural innovation. Currently, I am working on my PhD project where I explore how futures of decarbonized urban food systems are developed, contested and translated in food partnerships. I hold a MA in Danish from the University of Copenhagen.


Primary fields of research

My key research interests are concerned with the shaping, unfolding and implications of the green transition. I am particularly focused on:

1. Future imaginaries and sociomaterial practices governing sustainability transitions, especially regarding food system transformation.

2. Institutionalization processes and scale-making issues of sustainable innovation.

3. Dynamics between sustainable production and ambiguous everyday consumption practices.

4. The impact of sustainability on work and organizational processes. 

Alongside these areas, I am broadly interested in the social predicaments of the contemporary workplace, the construction and positioning of global users in innovation and university-industry dynamics in research and teaching.


Current research

At present, I am investigating whether and how partnerships between sustainability-oriented food entrepreneurs and incumbent food actors can accelerate the sustainability transition of Copenhagen’s food system. The project falls mainly at the intersection of cultural transformation, urban food systems and sustainability transitions, drawing upon environmental anthropology, social practice theory and actor-network theory. The aim is to investigate how new green norms and food practices for low-carbon transitions in Copenhagen’s food system are co-created and negotiated in food partnerships. The PhD project is part of a research project funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF) titled: Partnerships as Driver for Low-Carbon Transitions in Urban Food Systems. Associate Professor Frank Sejersen is PI for the project.



I teach and supervise at BA and MA levels in topics related to:

  • Cultural Analysis
  • Organization Theory
  • Sociology of Innovation and Innovation Studies
  • Food Design
  • Science and Technology Studies (STS)
  • Sustainability Transitions


ID: 97943040