Flemming Konradsen

Flemming Konradsen

Professor, Head of Section, Professor

January 2015 to date
University of Copenhagen, Department of Public Health
Professor, Global Environmental Health focusing on research and training on vector borne diseases, water supply and sanitation, toxicology and health and climate change in low and middle income countries.

January 2008 to 2014
University of Copenhagen, Department of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology
Professor, International Environmental Health focusing on research and training on vector borne diseases, water supply and sanitation, toxicology and health and climate change in low and middle income countries.

August 2007 to date
Emory University, Rollings School of Public Health, Emory University, Atlanta, USA.
A Fellow providing input to the curricular in environmental health, research project management and research methods through supervision of students and courses. Facilitates links between University of Copenhagen and Emory University in the field of Global Health.

January 2007 to 2014
University of Copenhagen, Department of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology
Deputy Head, Department of International Health, Immunology and Microbiology and Study Director for the Masters of International Health program. Member of the scientific advisory board, integrated program for malaria control in sub-Saharan Africa.

June 2004 to July 2005
Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research/International Water Management Institute, Sri Lanka
Senior International Health Expert on secondment from the Danish government to assist with the analysis, project completion and handing over of environmental health research projects in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India and Ghana. Due to the Tsunami in Asia December 2005 time was also allocated for relief efforts.

October 2000 - December 2007 
University of Copenhagen, Department of Public Health
Associate Professor and from January 2006 Head, Section of International Health and from 2002 member of the governing board for the Institute of Public Health. Research focuses on environmental health issues of relevance to low and middle income countries. In addition to research tasks, responsible for the development of the general curriculum in International Health and related courses for the students of Public Health Sciences. Further responsibility for teaching and planning of the modules related to water supply and sanitation, disease vector control and exercises in epidemiology at the Masters of International Health Program. Thesis supervisor of students in Medicine, Public Health Sciences and Masters of International Health. Provided teaching input to courses in relation to water supply, sanitation, hygiene promotion and malaria control at a number of Danish and European universities. 

June 1999 - October 2000
CARE Danmark, Copenhagen
Technical Advisor responsible for impact studies and special documentation efforts within CARE Danmark and acting as the coordinator for the development of programming standards for CARE International. Participating in selected design and evaluation missions to developing countries focusing on environmental health projects. Responsible for internal professional staff training and providing lectures at Danish institutes of higher education on professional issues of interest to both CARE Danmark and the outside institutions. Likewise, supervising M.Sc students from Danish universities undertaking studies at CARE Danmark supported projects.

January 1999 to June 1999
Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory
Employed on a half time basis to produce an application for a DANIDA supported malaria research and research capacity strengthening project-linking institutes in Denmark and Mozambique. The assignment included a capacity assessment of the key partner in Mozambique and managing a gradual phasing out of activities from a previous project phase.

January 1999 to October 2000
International Irrigation Management Institute 
From January 1999 to June 1999 engaged as a Research Fellow involved in field research, research management and the production of research outputs related to water resources management and human health projects in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Kenya. From June 1999 to October 2000 engaged on a part-time basis as a Research Fellow with work related to project development, fund-raising and the generation of research outputs.

March 1994 to January 1999
International Irrigation Management Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Initially employed as a Junior Research Fellow to initiate and implement an institute wide Health and Environment Program. From 1996 appointed Research Leader of the Program with overall responsibility for project-related research, fund-raising, administration and public relations initiatives. Likewise, responsible for research networking activities and engaged in the supervision of a large number of national and international students, research assistants, research officers and consultants from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Europe and USA.

The Health and Environment Program implemented numerous field research projects primarily in Sri Lanka and Pakistan and secondly in India, Vietnam, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia and Mexico. The field projects were primarily implemented in partnership with national research institutions. Research capacity building, training and dissemination components were included as an integrated part of the projects. In addition to field projects, research was conducted through international networks aimed at producing literature and policy reviews. The Health and Environment Program focuses its research on water related diseases, malaria, acute pesticide poisoning and other environmental health issues of public health importance to rural communities in developing countries.

November 1993 to March 1994 
Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory/Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DANIDA, Copenhagen
Technical Advisor for the organizing committee of the "International Workshop on Health, The Environment and Sustainable Development", Copenhagen 1994.

January/March 1993 
Blair Research Institute (BRI), Zimbabwe
Health Impact Assessment for British ODA of the Mupfure Irrigation Project. Participated as an Environmental Health Biologist. The study formed part of fieldwork for MSc thesis.

August/September 1992 
BRI/DBL/WHO, Zimbabwe
Tutor for a group of professionals at the interdisciplinary course: "Health Opportunities in Water Resources Development" in Zimbabwe.

April/May 1991 
Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory/DANIDA, Malawi
Appraisal of the DANIDA supported "Small-holder Irrigation Rehabilitation Project," participated as an Environmental Health Biologist with staff from the Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory.

January 1990 to January 1993
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DANIDA, Copenhagen
B.Sc. Assistant in the Department for Technical Advisory Services (TSA). Duties: literature research, review of project proposals, environmental project screening, administrative office work and desk support to appraisal and review missions primarily within the environment, health and agriculture sectors.

June/September 1989
Tourist agency courier responsible for tourist information, placement and logistics.

June/September 1987 
Tokyo, Japan
Cultural associate and lecturer attached to the International Friendship Center, with assignments related to the Scandinavian cultural promotion campaigns in Japan. Lectures on a range of cultural and social issues specific to Scandinavia were provided to a number of educational, commercial and cultural institutions and at the International Friendship Center.

January/July 1986
Curico, Chile
Worked as an "intern" assisting agricultural extension workers dealing with pest management.

Academic appointments

2016 – present: Member, Global Health Committee, Swedish Research Council, Sweden.  
2016 – present: Member, Steering Committee, Norwegian Research Program in Global Health, Norway.
2014 – 2016: Chair, University of Copenhagen - International Summer School Program.
2013 – 2016: Chair, University of Copenhagen - Initiative on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).
2014 – present: Chair, Research Council for Development Research, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Denmark.
2011 – 2014: Member, Research Council for Development Research, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Denmark
2010 – 2013: Chair, Universities Denmark ‘Building Stronger Universities in Developing Countries’ Initiative
2009 – 2012: Chair, Platform on Human Health for Developing Countries, Universities Denmark
2009 – present: Director, School of Global Health, University of Copenhagen
2007 – 2010: Director of Studies, Masters of International Health, University of Copenhagen 

United Nations Adviser

2012: Member, United Nations DDT Expert Group, UN-Chemicals
2007 – 2009: Member, World Water Development Report Expert Team, UNESCO

Professional appointments and memberships

2016: Member, Advisory Board, DELTAS Learning Research Program (partners in UK and across Africa)
2014: Member, “DEA” Think Tank (non-profit think tank on education based in Copenhagen) committee on digitalization and e-learning at universities
2009 – 2013: Board member, Danish Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health

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