Flemming Konradsen

Flemming Konradsen

Professor, Head of Section, Professor

Flemming Konradsen, professor of international environmental health at the University of Copenhagen, has more than twenty years of research and programming experience in the field of environmental health and global health. He is also the director of the Copenhagen School of Global Health. Professor Konradsen focuses his research on human health related to water supply, sanitation and hygiene; acute pesticide poisoning; and control of vector borne diseases in Asia, Africa and Europe. Research methods include epidemiology, qualitative studies, costing studies, health promotion and health system analysis. He has extensive experience from multidisciplinary field-based research.

Professor Konradsen is responsible for a number of programs aimed at building research capacity at university level in Asia and Africa and has significant involvement with educational programs in East Africa, South Asia and the Nordic region. Flemming Konradsen has worked for international research organisations, universities, development NGOs and national research organizations.

Current research

Policies and strategies aimed at reducing acute pesticide poisoning in South Asia;Prevention of self-harm and suicide; Perceptions of hygiene and hygiene practices; Waste water irrigation and human health impact; dengue fever control strategies; Urban malaria control.


Environmental health; International health; Global health; Malaria and Dengue fever transmission and control; water supply and sanitation; Hygiene promotion; Waste water irrigation; Pesticide poisoning.

Primary fields of research

Environmental health biology; water supply and sanitation; hygiene promotion; acute pesticide poisoning; control of vector borne diseases; agriculture and human health; health and water resources management; malaria.

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