Cristian De Gobba

Cristian De Gobba

Guest researcher

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At this moment, my main research projects consist in the development of methods for the extraction, identification and quantification of different alcohol metabolites in hair, and in the development of a method for quantification of acetaldehyde adducts in haemoglobin, mainly using LC-MS. Furthermore, i continue to collaborate with my colleagues at the FOOD Department, where i my task is to extract and quantify dicarbonyls and advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) from food systems.

I also collaborated in different projects to establish LC-MS methods for the determination and quantification of small molecules such as Maillard reaction products and other oxidation products and characterized the peptide profile of milk protein hydrolysates and colostrum. Furthermore, I developed, together with other colleagues, a new LC-MS method for simultaneous determination of 12 different AGEs, and I established a method for quantification of thiol quinones adducts.

During my postdoc I gained extensive experience with protein and peptides identification using LC-MS: I worked, together with Danish Crown Ingredients, on production and characterisation of different blood hydrolysates for production of edible protein powders. These were analysed using LC-MS/MS, SEC-HPLC and UV-Vis spectroscopy. During my PhD project, I hydrolysed milk proteins with different enzymes and identified the resulting bioactive peptides using SEC-HPLC and RP-HPLC for separation and LC-MS for characterisation.  


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