Bjarne Simmelkjær Sandgaard Hansen

Bjarne Simmelkjær Sandgaard Hansen

Special consultant


    Karen Blixens Plads 8, 2300 København S, 16 Bygning 16, Building: 16-0-22

    Phone: +4535329333

Current research

From 1/1-2020 to 30/6-2021 I am involved in a large-scale research project entitled The Sound of Copenhagen where a group of researchers from Centre of Dialectology (University of Copenhagen), Museum of Copenhagen, Moesgaard Museum and Danish Centre of Urban History (University of Aarhus/The Old Town: National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture) collaborate on examining and disseminating the prehistoric auditive cultures of Copenhagen with a focus on the role of sound for creating the spaces and communities of the city (soundscapes). Within this project, I focus especially on the role the surrounding dialects have to play in the soundscapes of Copenhagen from c. 1600 to c. 1950.

In addition to that, from 1/11-2017 to 30/6-2020, I occupy myself with a project on morphosyntactic changes, above all in the case system, in Middle Danish which is a subproject of the research project The Middle Danish language in the light of a modern theory of grammaticalisation funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark and managed by Professor Lars Heltoft.

Primary fields of research

Germanic and Nordic (incl. Danish) language history:
- Phonology
- Grammar, particularly nominal derivation and inflection as well as morphosyntactics
- (Socio-)dialectology (especially Danish, Swedish and the Dalecarlian Ovansiljan variants)
- Linguistic palaeontology (lexicon and semantics)



Main fields of teaching and supervision:
- History of the Germanic languages
- History of the Nordic languages
- History of the Danish language
- History of the Swedish language and literature (incl. Elfdalian)
- Gothic language, incl. language history


* = guest lecturing only

- 2020                    Language and context (Swedish part) (BA-level in Danish)
- 2019                    Germanic language history (BA-level in Linguistics with Indo-European)
- 2018                    Supervision of MA thesis (MA-level in Indo-European Studies)
- 2018                    Supervision of BA thesis (BA-level in Danish)
- 2018-2019 (x2)    Norwegian and Swedish (Swedish part) (elective MA-course in Danish)
- 2018-2020 (x3)    Language 4 (Swedish part) (BA-level of Danish/Danish OU) 
2015-2019 (x2)    Indo-European topics (MA-level in Indo-European Studies)*
2015                    Indo-European phonology (BA-level in Indo-European Studies)
2015                    Proto-Norse (BA/MA-level in Indo-European Studies + Danish)
2014-2015 (x2)    Roots of Europe (elective BA-level course + BA/MA-level summer course)(*)
- 2014                    Indo-European phonology (MA-level in Indo-European Studies)*
2014-2015 (x5)    Supervision of BA thesis (BA-level in Indo-European Studies)
2013-2015 (x2)    Indo-European morphology (MA-level in Indo-European Studies)*
2012-2013 (x2)    Language 1(BA-level in Danish)*
2011-2016 (x4)    Pre-Semester Danish Language Course (for exchange students)*
2010-2014 (x3)    History of the Gothic language (BA-level in Indo-European Studies)
2010                    Seminar on Germanic language history (MA-level in Indo-European Studies)
- 2
009-2015 (x7)    Methodology and terminology (BA-level in Indo-European Studies +Finnish)*


- 2018-2019 (x2)    Danish and Nordic language history (series of lectures at University of Belgrade)
- 2016-2017           Danish for foreigners, NSI Sprog- og Integratíonscenter (Næstved, Denmark)
- 2007-                  Freelance Danish teaching, with Swedes constituting the greatest number of course attendants, for the Swedish company Aktivt Språk (Malmö, Sweden)


- 2020                    Didactic conference Make a Difference: teach and learn with technology (participation with the workshop “How to build a flipped classroom”)
- 2018-2019           Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
- 2018                    MA thesis supervision seminar
- 2018                    Workshop on audio files in teaching
- 2015-2019 (x3)    Didactic conference Make a Difference: teach and learn with technology (participation without a paper)
- 2015                    Workshop More visual and less linear presentations with Prezi
- 2015                    Seminar Digital media in language classes (participation with the presentation ”Brugen af live-streaming og podcasting på Indoeuropæisk”)
- 2014                    Didactic conference Make a Difference: teach and learn with technology (participation with the presentation “Online learning, blended learning and the flipped classroom”)
- 2014                    Seminar Using Adobe Connect in teaching
- 2010                    Ph.D. course Practical teaching skills

Fields of interest

History of the Germanic and Nordic languages, incl. Danish:
- Phonology (Umlaut and Auslaut processes in particular)
- Grammar, escpecially morphosyntactics
- Lexicon/etymology
- Internal grouping/branching of the Germanic languages

Languages/dialects of particular interest:
- The early Runic language of Scandinavia (~ "Proto Norse")
- Old West Norse
- Elfdalian (Övdalska)
- Gothic, incl. Crimean Gothic

Indo-European historical and comparative linguistics:
- Phonology
- Grammar
- Lexicon/etymology
- Morphonology and internal reconstruction

Genetic kinship and classification of languages, incl. long-range comparison

Linguistic variation:
- Dialectology
- Sociolinguistics

Norse mythology

Indo-European and other types of prehistoric culture

Molecular anthropology (genetics)

The applicabilty of knowledge on the history of languages to society

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