Bjarne Simmelkjær Sandgaard Hansen
Bjarne Simmelkjær Sandgaard Hansen

Associate Professor

Current research

From 1/11-2017 to 31/10-2019 I occupy myself with a postdoc project on morphosyntactic changes in Middle Danish which is a subproject of the research project The Middle Danish language in the light of a modern theory of grammaticalisation funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark and managed by Professor Lars Heltoft.

Primary fields of research

Germanic and Nordic (incl. Danish) language history:
- Phonology
- Grammar, particularly nominal derivation and inflection as well as morphosyntactics
- Linguistic palaeontology (lexicon and semantics)



Main fields of teaching and supervision:
- History of the Germanic languages
- History of the Nordic languages
- History of the Danish language
- History of the Swedish language and literature
- Gothic language, incl. language history


* = guest lecturing only

- 2019                    Germanic language history (BA-level in Linguistics with Indo-European)
- 2018                    Supervision of MA thesis (MA-level in Indo-European Studies)
- 2018                    Supervision of BA thesis (BA-level in Danish)
- 2018-2019 (x2)    Norwegian and Swedish (Swedish part) (elective MA-course in Danish)
- 2018-2019 (x2)    Language 4 (Swedish part) (BA-level of Danish/Danish OU) 
2015                    Indo-European topics (MA-level in Indo-European Studies)*
2015                    Indo-European phonology (BA-level in Indo-European Studies)
2015                    Proto-Norse (BA/MA-level in Indo-European Studies + Danish)
2014-2015 (x2)    Roots of Europe (elective BA-level course + BA/MA-level summer course)(*)
- 2014                    Indo-European phonology (MA-level in Indo-European Studies)*
2014-2015 (x5)    Supervision of BA thesis (BA-level in Indo-European Studies)
2013-2015 (x2)    Indo-European morphology (MA-level in Indo-European Studies)*
2012-2013 (x2)    Language 1(BA-level in Danish)*
2011-2016 (x4)    Pre-Semester Danish Language Course (for exchange students)*
2010-2014 (x3)    History of the Gothic language (BA-level in Indo-European Studies)
2010                    Seminar on Germanic language history (MA-level in Indo-European Studies)
- 2
009-2015 (x7)    Methodology and terminology (BA-level in Indo-European Studies +Finnish)*


- 2016-2017           Danish for foreigners, NSI Sprog- og Integratíonscenter (Næstved, Denmark)
- 2007-                  Freelance Danish teaching, with Swedes constituting the greatest number of course attendants, for the Swedish company Aktivt Språk (Malmö, Sweden)

Fields of interest

History of the Germanic and Nordic languages, incl. Danish:
- Phonology (Umlaut and Auslaut processes in particular)
- Grammar, escpecially morphosyntactics
- Lexicon/etymology
- Internal grouping/branching of the Germanic languages

Languages/dialects of particular interest:
- The early Runic language of Scandinavia (~ "Proto Norse")
- Old West Norse
- Elfdalian (Övdalska)
- Gothic, incl. Crimean Gothic

Indo-European historical and comparative linguistics:
- Phonology
- Grammar
- Lexicon/etymology
- Morphonology and internal reconstruction

Genetic kinship and classification of languages, incl. long-range comparison

Linguistic variation:
- Dialectology
- Sociolinguistics

Norse mythology

Indo-European and other types of prehistoric culture

Molecular anthropology (genetics)

The applicabilty of knowledge on the history of languages to society

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