Bertel Schjerning

Bertel Schjerning


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    University of Copenhagen, Ph.D. Economics, 2007
    Dissertation Title: “Dynamic Aspects of Entrepreneurial Behavior”
    Thesis Advisor: Professor Martin Browning (Oxford University)


    Associate Professor, Dept. of Economics, University of Copenhagen (2012-date)
    Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics, University of Copenhagen (2007-2012)
    Ph.D. student, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen (2004-2007)

    Grants (project period in parentheses):

    [1] “Solving and Estimating Dynamic Games with Multiple Equilibria”, DFF grant (2015-2018), Amount : 2.618.637 DKK
    [2] “Intelligent Road User Charging (IRUC)”, DSF grant (2011-2015), Amount : 6.512.156 DKK
    [3] “Improving Road Safety (IMPROSA)”, DSF grant (2010-2013) Amount : 1.982.415 DKK
    [4] “Tax-bunching, income switching and self-employment”, EPRN grant (2011) Amount: 212.561 DKK
    [5] “Structural Estimation of Dynamic Decision Processes: Econometric Theory, Computational Methods and Applications to Real-world Problems" FSE post doc grant (2007-2010), Amount 1.658.125 kr.

    Supervision of students

    PhD students (study period in parentheses):
    Megersa Abate (2009-2012, co-supervisor, main supervisor: Ole Kveiborg, DTU Transport)
    Kibrom Araya Abay (2010-2013, co-supervisor, main supervisor: Mette Ejrnæs)
    Thomas Høghholm Jørgensen (2010-2014, co-supervisor, main-supervisor: Mette Ejrnæs)
    Anders Munk-Nielsen (2011-2015, main-supervisor, co-supervisor: Søren Leth-Petersen)

    PhD students in progress (expected study period in parentheses):
    Casper Nornal Jørgensen (2013-2016, main supervisor, co-supervisor: Søren Leth-Petersen)
    Patrick K. Mogensen (2014-2018, main supervisor)
    Anne-Line Helsø (2015-2018, main supervisor)
    Maria Juul Hansen (2015-2019, main supervisor)


    Selected conference presentations, invited seminars and PhD courses.
    [1] Cemmap Masterclass “Dynamic programming – Theory, computation and empirical applications” , University College London (Dec. 2015)
    [2] University of Montreal “Summer School on Dynamic Discrete Choice Models: Econometric Models and Operations Research Methods” , Montreal (2015)
    [3] Zürich University “Zürich Initiative for Computational Economics” , Zürich (2014, 2015)
    [4] University College London: Applied Micro Seminar, London (2013)
    [5] ESEM : Invited session on “Computation of Dynamic Games”
    Joint presentation with John Rust (Georgetown University), Gothenburg (2013)
    [6] University of Tilburg: Econometrics Seminar, Tilburg (2013)
    [7] Toulouse School of Economics: Industrial Organization Seminar, Toulouse (2013)
    [8] Society of Economic Dynamics Annual Meeting, Cyprus (2012)
    [9] NBER-NSF Conference on the Econometrics of Dynamic Games, NYU-Stern, USA (2012)

    Recently organized workshops and conferences:

    5th Microeconometric Network Meeting 2014
    IRUC Research workshop, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
    IRUC Kick-off meeting, 2011
    Conference on Dynamic Aspects in Economic Decision Making, 2010
    CAM research workshop, 2008 and 2009


    The Invisible Hand (2010): Teaching award for the year's best teacher at the Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen. (Amount: 15.000 DKK)

    Publications in international journals

    [1] “Recursive Lexicographical Search: Finding all Markov Perfect Equilibria
of Finite State Directional Dynamic Games”, with Fedor Iskhakov and John Rust, Forthcoming Review of Economic Studies (2015)
    [2] “Constrained Optimization Approaches to Estimation of Structural Models: Comment”, with Fedor Iskhakov and John Rust, Forthcoming Econometrica, (2015)
    [3] “Tax bunching, income shifting and self-employment”, with Daniel le Maire, Journal of Public Economics, Volume 107, Pages 1-18, 2014
    [4] “Foreign Firms, Domestic Wages”, with Nikolaj Malchow-Møller and James R. Markusen Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Volume 115, Issue 2, Pages 292-325, 2013
    [5] “Entrepreneurship, Job-creation and wage-growth”, with Nikolaj Malchow-Møller and Anders Sørensen. Small Business Economics, Volume 36, Number 1, Pages 15-32, 2011
    [6] “Productivity Measurement in Manufacturing and the Expenditure Approach”, with Anders Sørensen. Review of International Economics, Volume 16 Issue 2, Pages 327 - 340, 2008

    Recent working papers 

    [1] “The Dynamics of Bertrand Price Competition with Cost-Reducing Investments”, with Fedor Iskhakov and John Rust, Schjerning UCPH Discussion Paper 13-05
    [2] "Car ownership, Type Choice and Use", with Kenneth Gillingham, Anders Munk-Nielsen, Fedor Iskhakov and John Rust, Working paper (2015)
    [3] “Estimating Discrete-Continuous Choice Models: The Endogenous Grid Method with Taste Shocks”, with Fedor Iskhakov, Thomas H. Jørgensen and John Rust (2015)



    PhD in Economics

    ID: 9481