Bertel Schjerning

Bertel Schjerning


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    Scientific focus areas

    Bertel Schjerning is a specialist in structural microeconometrics and numerical dynamic programming. He has conducted research on the development and implementation of techniques to solve and estimate models of intertemporal economic behavior involving sequential decision making over time and under uncertainty. In his applied work he has focused various dynamic aspects of entrepreneurial behavior including: entrepreneurial savings, human capital accumulation, entry/exit decisions, job-creation and firm growth. His recent research has focused on household car ownership and usage as wells as strategic investment behavior of duopoly firms, but also on development of new methods to solve and estimate dynamic structural microeconomic models including dynamic games.

    Membership of Research Groups

    Bertel Schjerning recently established and heads the Centre for Computational Economics (CCE) that focus on the computational challenges in economics generally, but pay particular emphasis to research on dynamic games and dynamic programming models as well as their empirical applications to wide range of fields. He is also affiliated with Centre for Applied Microeconometrics (CAM) and Economic Policy Research Unit (EPRU)

    International relations

    Bertel Schjerning has established good connections to top researchers within the field of dynamic economics. Apart form working with John Rust (Georgetown), Kenneth Gillingham (Yale), Fedor Iskhakov (UNSW), Dennis Kristensen (UCL), Bertel Schjerning also has good contacts to the relevant experts dynamic economics and structural estimation of dynamic games and has recently visited a number of top universities such as Georgetown, Maryland, Tilburg University, Oxford, University College London, Toulouse School of Economics, New Your University and Yale University where he has been invited to present his work and/or to work with co-authors. He is invited on a regular basis to teach PhD students internationally, most notably at the INFORMS summer school (Montreal), Zurich Initiative of Computational Economics (Zurich) and well as Cemmap Masterclasses (University College London). 

    Research Management

    Bertel Schjerning currently serves a project manager for the IRUC research group located at University of Copenhagen, and acts as the leader and principal investigator of the research projects “Register-based econometric modeling of household car ownership, type choice and use” and “Solving and Estimating Dynamic Games with Multiple Equilibria”. He also heads the new founded Centre for Computational Economics (CCE) at the Department of Economics at KU. CCE is supported by the Department of Economics and a grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research. 

    Primary fields of research

    Dynamic Programming Models, Dynamic Games, Computational Economics, Structural Estimation, Applied Microeconometrics, Labor Economics, Entrepreneurship, Urban Economics, Economics of Transportation, Empirical Industrial Organization


    ID: 9481