Bente Gammelgaard

Bente Gammelgaard


Primary fields of research


Analytical chemistry with special interest in ICP-MS hyphenated to separation methods - CE and LC and  for bioanalysis

  • Characterization of nanoparticles and other drug delivery systems
  • Selenium metabolism in health and disease
  • Metal-based drugs - interaction with biosphere
  • Quantification of peptides and proteins

Educational research: Improving the Quality of Laboratory Learning at University Level, IQ-Lab (Collaboration with Dept. of Science Education)


Current research

  • Single Particle ICP-MS characterization of nanoparticular drug delivery systems
  • Selenium speciation in biological material, qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Interaction of platinum-based drugs with biomolecules and drug formulations
  • Quantification of proteins and peptides

Educational Research: "Improvement of the quality of laboratory learning at university level, IQ-Lab"


Course responsible of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry – a compulsory bachelor course (200 students/year) with focus on instrumental techniques for drug analysis, primarily chromatography and mass spectrometry - theoretical and practical

Supervision of master students in analytical chemistry 

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