Internal councils and committees


The University of Copenhagen has several internal institutions with the purpose of safeguarding the integrity of the University's research. Both by advising researchers and by treating cases where the integrity has been called into question.

The Practice Committee

The Practice Committee is appointed by the rector. The Practice Committee is tasked with for helping to clarify the existing norms for responsible conduct of scientific and to initiate discussions of the norms for responsible conduct of research.

The practice Committee also makes statements about specific cases where questionable scientific practice has been reported and forwards cases of academic misconduct to the Danish Committee on Research Misconduct.

Read more on the Practice Committee's website.

Named persons

Each faculty has appointed a named person from their academic staff. The named persons are independent and are assigned to advise on responsible conduct of research. If there is a suspicion of breach of the principles for responsible conduct of research or suspicion of research misconduct, the case is handed over to the Practice Committee.

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Research Ethics Committees

The University of Copenhagen has three research ethics committees that conduct ethical assessments of research projects and publications if requested by the funding donors or journals.

The Committees conduct assessments of research projects in which a researcher employed at the University of Copenhagen is head of the project or has a significant role in the project or publication.

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