Research Assessment


From 2016-2018, the University of Copenhagen conducted an extensive assesment of its research areas at departmental level.

The assesment is a tool that provides the university's management and employees with an overview of the quality of research at the University of Copenhagen and its development potential.

At the same time, the assesment is an account of what society gets for its investment in research at the University of Copenhagen.


The overall assesment found that research at the University of Copenhagen holds a very high to excellent level.

An extremely high academic level among the university's researchers, great success with attracting external research funding and high-quality research facilities is highlighted as factors that have raised the university's research quality.

The overall assesment identifies three strengths and three weaknesses for the university.


  • UCPH-research production has considerable international influence
  • The research leaves a clear societal imprint
  • The University of Copenhagen works closely with both the public sector, companies and other international universities.


  • The university should focus further on ensuring gender balance, clear career paths and diversity in the recruitment of researchers.
  • There should be a clearer research strategies and focus further on communicating its research strengths
  • The level of interdisciplinarity at the university should be elevated further.