Honorary doctorates: Rules and nomination

Doctorates rules





The Communications department in the central administration is responsible for coordinating the Annual Commemoration, including the procedure for nominating, awarding and promoting honorary doctorates.

The opportunity to award honorary doctorates is taken in turns so that three of the six faculties each award up to two honorary doctorates every two years. In even years, it is the Faculties of Law, Social Sciences and Health and Medical Sciences who can award honorary doctorates, and in odd years, the Faculties of Humanities, Science and Theology upon the decision of the Academic Council. Proposals for female honorary doctors are very welcome. Furthermore, it is emphasised that nominees are researchers at the height of their career.





The deans promote the honorary doctorates at the annual commemoration. In addition, the deans appoint an ‘endorser’ for each honorary doctor. This is a person who has a special interest in the appointment of the honorary doctor, and who is the official contact person for the honorary doctor.

The endorser will assist with all the practical matters in connection with the annual commemoration and is responsible for all relevant correspondence between the honorary doctor and the Communications department. The endorser is invited to the annual commemoration.

Travel, accommodation, etc. for the honorary doctors are arranged and paid for by the individual faculties, and any events in honour of the honorary doctor will be held by the faculty. In order to motivate the honorary doctors to attend this special occasion, faculties also cover the travel and accommodation expenses for a companion of the honorary doctor.

As a rule, invitations are sent out in early September (invitation to the honorary doctors is sent to the endorser), and promotion guidelines are submitted along with access card etc. to the endorser and the dean approximately three weeks before the annual commemoration.