Sensory determinants of stated liking for vegetable names and actual liking for canned vegetables: a cross-country study among European adolescents

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  • Caterina Dinnella
  • David Morizet
  • Camilla Masi
  • Danny Cliceri
  • Laurence Depezay
  • Katherine M. Appleton
  • Agnés Giboreau
  • Perez-Cueto, Armando
  • Heather Hartwell
  • Erminio Monteleone

Sensory properties are reported as one of the main factors hindering an appropriate vegetable intake by the young. In the present work the sensory determinants of likings for vegetables were explored in adolescents of four European countries (Denmark, n = 88; France, n = 206; Italy, n = 110 and United Kingdom, n = 93). A questionnaire was designed to study cross country differences in stated liking for and familiarity with a list of vegetables popular among European markets (between-vegetable approach). A within-vegetable comparison approach with actual tasting was used to analyze differences and similarities in liking for canned pea and sweet corn samples across the countries. A close positive relationship between stated liking and familiarity was found. Irrespective of the country, one group of highly liked vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, green salad) was identified, characterized by innately liked tastes (sweet, umami), delicate flavour and bright appealing colour. A second group of highly disliked vegetables consists of cauliflowers and broccoli, characterized by disliked sensations such as bitter taste and objectionable flavour. Internal Preference Maps from actual liking scores indicate that the generally disliked tastes (bitter, sour), are clearly correlated with a negative hedonic response for both peas and sweet corn. The hedonic valence of a generally well accepted taste such as salty and texture descriptors depends on the type of vegetable. Internal preference maps from actual liking data indicate that flavour and appearance descriptors of the distinct sensory properties of each type of vegetable positively affect liking, while the intensity of unusual flavours is related to sample disliking.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)339-347
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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  • Descriptive analysis, Familiarity, Liking, Peas, Preference map, Sweet corn

ID: 166017328