Objective and owner-reported outcomes after modified cranial closing wedge ostectomy: a case series

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Immediate and longer-term outcomes of a cranial closing wedge ostectomy variant for management of canine cranial cruciate ligament disease were assessed in this single-center retrospective consecutive study. Records and radiographs were retrieved and assessed by three independent observers to evaluate tibial plateau angle, anatomical-mechanical axis angle, tibial tuberosity distalization, and mechanical axis length before and after surgery. Kinetic gait analysis and owner questionnaires were used to assess clinical outcomes. Seventeen stifles from fifteen dogs were evaluated radiographically. Mean error from target tibial plateau angle was 0.4 degrees. Anatomical-mechanical axis angles reduced from mean 2.9 degrees preoperatively to mean - 0.9 degrees postoperatively. Tibial tuberosity distalization was mean 5.0% of mechanical axis length, and mean reduction in mechanical axis length was 0.1%. Increased tibial plateau angles were noted in 8/17 stifles, with a mean of 9.6 degrees at short-term follow-up. Major complications were observed in 9/17 stifles. Long term follow-up (mean 832 days) was obtained with gait analysis in 8/15 dogs and with questionnaire in 11/15. Most dogs (9/11) were weakly to moderately affected by osteoarthritis symptoms. All values for peak vertical force and vertical impulse normalized to body weight exceeded local lower reference limits for normal dogs, indicating acceptable limb use. Satisfactory immediate and long-term clinical outcomes appear to be possible with this technique, but the high incidence of shorter-term complications may caution against the technique or the fixation and management described here.

Original languageEnglish
JournalVeterinary Research Communications
Pages (from-to)877–887
Publication statusPublished - 2024

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