Highlights of the development in ultrasound during the last 70 years: A historical review

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This review looks at highlights of the development in ultrasound, ranging from interventional ultrasound and Doppler to the newest techniques like contrast-enhanced ultrasound and elastography, and gives reference to some of the valuable articles in Acta Radiologica. Ultrasound equipment is now available in any size and for any purpose, ranging from handheld devices to high-end devices, and the scientific societies include ultrasound professionals of all disciplines publishing guidelines and recommendations. Interventional ultrasound is expanding the field of use of ultrasound-guided interventions into nearly all specialties of medicine, from ultrasound guidance in minimally invasive robotic procedures to simple ultrasound-guided punctures performed by general practitioners. Each medical specialty is urged to define minimum requirements for equipment, education, training, and maintenance of skills, also for medical students. The clinical application of contrast-enhanced ultrasound and elastography is a topic often seen in current research settings.

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JournalActa Radiologica
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  • contrast-enhanced ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound, elastography, interventional ultrasound, rectal endosonography, Ultrasound development

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