Gusar s gitaroy [Guitar Hussar]: Motivy stilya militari v obraze Dzhimi Khendriksa [Motives behind the military look of Jimi Hendrix]

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In his paper Gusar s gitaroy. Motivy stilya militari v obraze Dzhimi Khendriksa [Guitar Hussar. Motives behind the Military Look of Jomi Hendrix], Michael A. Langkjær looks at the legendary singer's love of the military style, and its broader popularity in the 1960s rock milieu. Why did 1960s rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix wear British vintage regimental military jackets? His motive is generally assumed to be 'transgression', and more particularly 'protest against the Vietnam War'. Close investigation of original sources reveals that Hendrix, a proud veteran, was motivated not by 'protest', but by a wish to brand himself as a 'hip' rock star in the UK. His 'military look' was based on a warrior-ethos, as well as on an African-American aesthetic, having converged with his visual and social experience of Pop and Mod 'Swinging London'. It was Hendrix's disposition interacting with collective visual memories and cultural, social-economic and ideological circumstances of the day that induced him to become a 'guitar hussar'.

Translated title of the contributionGuitar Hussar: Motives behind the military look of Jimi Hendrix
Original languageRussian
JournalTeorija Mody. Odezda, telo, kul´tura [Fashion Theory Russia. The Journal of Dress, Body & Culture]
Issue numberSpring
Pages (from-to)243-269
Number of pages27
Publication statusPublished - 2011

ID: 35925420