Costs and benefits of (in)coherence: Disaster Risk Reduction in the Post-2015-Agendas

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When comparing the results from both country cases against the costs and benefits identified in the literature review, we see some stark differences. While scientific literature tends to focus on the macro level (e.g. reinforcement of political market imperfections), the anecdotal evidence derived from the perception of public servants also covers a number of practical issues such as clashing leadership or dealing with disagreement, particularly at the local level. Moreover, anecdotal evidence also provides multiple examples of the psychological and behavioral elements at play both in perpetuating the status quo and in attempting change, a dimension mostly lacking in the literature. Examples include reputational and political costs, demotivation of personnel and mistrust.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date20 Mar 2020
PublisherUnited Nations University – Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS)
Publication statusPublished - 20 Mar 2020
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