Corrigendum to “College as equalizer? Testing the selectivity hypothesis” [Soc. Sci. Res. 80 (2019) 216–229]

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The author regrets that five estimates were wrongly reported in Table 4 in the published manuscript. The correct estimates are almost identical to the published ones. They are also all statistically insignificant as is the case for the published ones. Thus the correct estimates do not affect any of the conclusions reported in the study. The mistake is most likely the result of the author incorrectly updating the table's entries when revising the manuscript. The incorrect estimates concern the following entries in Table 4 in the manuscript: (1) Men, College degree holders, uncorrected; (2) Men, College degree holders, IPW-corrected; (3) Women, College degree holders, uncorrected; (4) Women, College degree holders, IPW-corrected; and (5) Women, College Degree Holders wo/Advanced Degree, Uncorrected. For the latter estimate, the standard error (and not the point estimate) is incorrectly reported. The correct point estimates, with correct standard errors in parenthesis, are: (1) Men, College degree holders, uncorrected: 0.065 (0.049)(2) Men, College degree holders, IPW-corrected: 0.059 (0.095)(3) Women, College degree holders, uncorrected: 0.003 (0.051)(4) Women, College degree holders, IPW-corrected: 0.013 (0.077)(5) Women, College Degree Holders wo/Advanced Degree, Uncorrected: (0.064)The author would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Original languageEnglish
Article number102458
JournalSocial Science Research
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2020

ID: 247407500