A condensed chalk–marl succession on an Early Cretaceous intrabasinal structural high, Danish Central Graben: Implications for the sequence stratigraphic interpretation of the Munk Marl Bed

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  • Jon R. Ineson
  • Bodil W. Lauridsen
  • Stefanie Lode
  • Emma Sheldon
  • Henning O. Sørensen
  • Max Wisshak
  • Anderskouv, Kresten

The Deep Adda-1 well in the Danish Central Graben, North Sea, provides a record of mid-Cretaceous sedimentation on the eastern flank of the intrabasinal Adda–Tyra inversion high. An upper Hauterivian – lower Barremian core in the Tuxen Formation spans the lower boundary of the laminated organic-rich Munk Marl Bed (MMB), a key marker bed in North Sea Cretaceous stratigraphy. Multidisciplinary sedimentological–biostratigraphic–palaeoecological data document the abrupt environmental shift at this boundary. The upper Hauterivian – lowermost Barremian lower Tuxen Formation (nannozones BC10 – lowermost BC14), beneath the MMB, represents a well-ventilated, current-swept setting supporting a diverse benthic fauna and characterized by a condensed succession with hardgrounds, at one level defining a biostratigraphic hiatus, and stacked, thin shallowing-upward parasequences. The succeeding lower Barremian MMB (nannozone BC14) attests to poorly oxygenated bottom waters and a total lack of epi- and infauna; the calm, inhospitable sea floor was intermittently disturbed by muddy turbidity currents and debris flows. The base-MMB surface is a complex fractured hardground indicative of relative sea-level fall and protracted winnowing of the cemented sea floor. The Deep Adda-1 core thus records a sea-level excursion that accompanied the onset of early Barremian oxygen depletion in concert with additional potential forcing factors such as coeval volcanism and watermass warming.

Original languageEnglish
Article number106234
JournalSedimentary Geology
Number of pages24
Publication statusPublished - 2022

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  • Biostratigraphy, Chalk sedimentology, Danish Central Graben, Hauterivian–Barremian, Palaeoecology, Sequence stratigraphy

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