Yun Ladegaard

Yun Ladegaard

External Lecturer

  • Psykologisk studienævn - fordelingssted

    Øster Farimagsgade 2A

    1350 København K

    Phone: +4535324924

"My professional dream is to bridge the gap between research and practice by making knowledge about the social and organizational work environment easily accessible. This way, employees and managers in workplaces can understand fundamental dynamics and navigate, thereby avoiding work-related stress, serious conflicts, bullying, and preventing both physical and psychological work injuries. I wish for Denmark to create frameworks for work that enable us to achieve important local as well as global goals and make a real positive difference for each other and the planet."

Primary research areas:

Work & Organizational Psychology

  • Prevention and treatment of stress
  • Work-related mental disorders, including work-related stress
  • Work injury reports in the Danish work injury system
  • Evidence-based stress treatment
  • Return to work after sick leave
  • Prevention of workplace stress, including the role of leaders and elected representatives
  • Leaders' handling of long-term sick leave
  • Ageism, intergenerational climate and aging in the workplace

ID: 49762664