Vivian Kvist Johannsen

Vivian Kvist Johannsen

Head of Department

  • Secretariat

    Rolighedsvej 23

    1958 Frederiksberg C

    Phone: 353 31699Mobile: +45 20300969

PhD, Senior Researcher Vivian Kvist Johannsen Head of Division Forest, Nature and Biomass

My research focus is on trees and forests, the condition and development of single trees, stands and for the country as a whole. Specific topic areas are growth and quality of trees, vegetation dynamics, the entire ecosystem and relationships between forests ecosystem services and functions. My approach is mainly mathematical-statistical preferably in interdisciplinary collaboration.

Education: Is actively engaged in teaching through guest lectures and supervision. Participates in planning of teaching and education.

Management: Head of Division for Forest, Nature and Biomass.

Outreach and Business Cooperation: Participates actively in collaboration with both The Ministry of Environment, The Ministry of Climate and Energy and a number of both public and private companies.

ID: 6087118