Trine Flensborg-Madsen

Trine Flensborg-Madsen

Professor, Guest Researcher

Member of:

    Primary fields of research

    Leader of the research group: Epidemiological Developmental Psychology (EDP)

    The EDP group focuses on interdisciplinary research in public health and psychology, and holds a special interest in the ways in which psychology and health sciences are entangled and are impacted by social and environmental conditions from fetal life over childhood and adolescence to adulthood. We thus uncover how factors in early life affect health and psychological development and investigate potential predictors of positive as well as suboptimal psychological outcomes and even psychiatric outcomes over the life course. 

    Current research

    We work epidemiologically with psychological data on developmental aspects. Thus, we exploit the unique opportunities in Denmark to combine data from large cohorts with national administrative data and health data from the Danish registries. We also conduct data collections to establish cohorts containing more in-depth information collected through surveys and psychological testing. 

    By this, we connect the disciplines of developmental psychology, epidemiology, and public health, which creates opportunities to conduct studies that are unique in quantity and quality, both nationally and internationally. Current research topics are:

    - Cognitive development and cognitive decline

    - Screen-use in children

    - Psychiatric epidemiology

    - Language development

    - Health and Quality of Life (HeQLa)

    Please see the publication list for most recent publications


    Supervises students and PhD students at the Faculty of Health and Medical Science at the University of Copenhagen in topics within psychology, public health, epidemiology, child development, cognition, personality and psychiatry.

    Teaches at several educations at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences:

    • Public Health
    • Medicine
    • Master of Public Health (MPH)
    • Odontology

    ID: 6465336