Tove Christensen

Tove Christensen

Associate Professor


1993 Masters degree in mathematics and economics (Cand. scient. Oecon)

1999 Ph.D. in Environmental Economics at the University of Copenhagen, Institute of Economics


1994 - 1997 Ph.D. student at the university of South Jutland, Esbjerg

1997 - 2001 Researcher at Institute of Food and Resource Economics

2001-2012   Senior researcherat, Institute of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen

2012 -        Associate professor Department of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen


My field is economic regulation and food economics. More specifically, my work includes 1) Economic analyses of the role of the public sector in optimal regulation of food production and consumption 2) Valuation of non-market goods (such as food safety and quality, animal welfare, environmental impacts) and assessing consumers’ trade offs between different types of risks 3) Optimal decision making for decision makers and consumers in complex settings including uncertainty, irreversibility and asymmetric information.


2011- Animal in Society, Masters course, Animal Science Programme (course responsible together with Jesper Lassen)

2015 - Introduktion til Erhvervsøkonomi, Bachelor course, Animal Science Prorgramme (course responsible Søren Marcus Pedersen)

2016 - Animals and Sustainability, Masters course, Animal Science Programme på Husdyrvidenskabsuddannelsen (course responsible Hanne Helene Hansen)

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