Tomke Susanne Wacker

Tomke Susanne Wacker



I am an agronomical scientist, working with soil, crops, cropping systems and their agronomical management. This field of research is both extremely fascinating and facing enormous challenges in the future due to climate change, biodiversity crisis and food production demands.

My research interests lie in the sustainable intensification of agro-ecosystems by optimizing water and nutrient use within a specific crop and within a cropping system. At the moment, I am focusing my research on grain legumes, specifically faba bean (IMFABA). In the project, I am developing phenotyping methods and testing faba bean adaptation to water stress across the soil-root-shoot continuum.

I have been working on the RadiMax project, developing isotope tracer techniques and root phenotyping methods for winter wheat breeding.  

My cropping system research has focused on cover crops and their nitrogen management effects in organic, as well as in reduced tillage and CA systems (GMSR).

I am teaching in the master course Advanced Crop Production, and the bachelor courses Afgrødelære and Tema: Plantevidenskab.

ID: 186737434