Tom Gilbert

Tom Gilbert


Member of:

    M Thomas P Gilbert
    Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics
    The GLOBE Institute - University of Copenhagen
    Øster Farimagsgade 5A
    1353 Copenhagen

    +45 23 71 25 19


    1997-2000    First class degree, BA Biological Sciences, Oriel College, University of                                                           Oxford
    2000-2003    D.Phil, New College/Department of Zoology, University of Oxford
    2003        Research Intern, Estonian Biocentre, University of Tartu
    2003-2005    Post-doctoral Research Associate, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona
    2005-2007    Marie Curie Intra-European Fellow, Ancient DNA and Evolution Group, Niels Bohr and Biological Institutes, University of Copenhagen
    2008    Associate Research Professor, Institute for Biology, University of Copenhagen
    2009    Associate Research Professor, Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen
    2010    Associate Professor, Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen
    2011    Professor,  Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen
    2019    Professor, GLOBE Institute,   University of Copenhagen

    Academic Awards
    1998-2000    Academic Scholar, Oriel College Oxford
    2000-2003    Wellcome Trust Prize PhD Studentship in Bioarchaeology
    2005        Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship
    2007        ‘Skou’ Associate Professor Award (Danish National Science Research                                             Council)
    2007        Danish ‘Elite Young Scientist’ Award (Danish National Science Research                                         Council)
    2008        Honorary Fellow, University of York, UK

    Grants Awarded
    2000-2003    Wellcome Trust Prize Studentship in Bioarchaeology.
    2002    Wellcome Trust Small Meeting Award (Ancient DNA – Damage, Retrieval and Repair),
    2005-2007    NIH grant R21 AI065371-01 (Molecular and Cellular Biology Study Section, NIAID) ‘Emergence of HIV-1 – a Molecular Archaeology Approach’. Co-applicant with PI Dr Michael Worobey, University of Arizona.
    2005-2007    Danish Natural Science Research Council. ‘FNU-Centre for Ancient DNA and Evolutionary Genetics’. Co-applicant with PI Prof Eske Willerslev, University of Copenhagen.
    2005-2007    Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship 025002 -  ‘Formaplex - The Exploitation of Formalin Fixed Tissues for High-Throughput Genetic Analyses: An HIV-1/HLA Cointeraction Case Study’.
    2007    International Symposium Grant, Fundacion Ramon Areces, Madrid, Spain. (Co-application with Dr Anders Götherström, Uppsala University, to hold a 14-person invited speaker symposium on the ‘State of the Art of Ancient DNA’ in Madrid, April 2007)
    2008-2010    Danish National Science Research Council ‘Skou’ Grant (Tailoring the power of the 454 to ancient DNA studies)
    2008-2011    Marie Curie Early Stage Training Network (LeCHE – Lactase Persistence and the Early Cultural History of Europe). Coapplicant, PI of University of Copenhagen section.
    2008-2011    Danish National Science Foundation PALEO-RNA: Investigating the domestication of maize using new biomolecular approaches. Coapplicant, PI Professor Eske Willerslev.
    2008-2011    Danish National Science Foundation Disease Discovery of new infectious agents by metagenomic sequencing. Co-applicant, PI Professor Eske Willerslev.
    2008-2011    Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship 236465 -  ‘ROOTS’.
    2009-2013    Danish Basic Science Foundation. Centre for GeoGenetics. Co-applicant, PI Professor Eske Willerslev.
    2009    Lundbeckfonden R34-A3791 PhD stipend ‘Phylogenomic analysis of the origin, and spread, of Influenza A’.

    Symposia Coordinated
           2002    Ancient DNA – Damage, Retrieval and Repair. University of Oxford
           2007    International Symposium on Ancient DNA. Fundacion Ramon Areces, Madrid, Spain
           Current    Chair, International Symposia of Biomolecular Archaeology IV, Copenhagen, 2010

    Academic Contributions
    I am an academic editor of two journals, PLoS ONE, and, Archaeological and Anthropological Science. I also routinely act as an ad hoc reviewer to a wide range of journals, including Science, Nature, PNAS, PLoS Biology, Molecular Biology and Evolution, Journal of Archaeological Sciences, Biology Letters, Current Biology, Nature Reviews Genetics and American Journal of Physical Anthropology.

    I teach a lecture course on Ancient DNA at the Universities of Oxford and Gotland. At the University of Copenhagen, I teach on three courses, ‘Evolutionary Medicine’, ‘Origins’, and ‘Ancient DNA and Evolution’.

    I have supervised a number of Postdoctoral Researchers, PhD students and MSc students, the latter at both the Universities of Copenhagen, Arizona and Oxford. I currently have a research group containing 3 Postdoctoral researchers, 3 PhD students and 8 MSc students.



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