Tobias Liebetrau

Tobias Liebetrau

Researcher, Forsker

Member of:

    My current research covers four main areas


    Cyber ​​security

    I’m occupied with how we can understand cybersecurity as a political, strategic and economic phenomenon. My work examines the political, strategic and organizational tensions between defense, intelligence and offense in a cybersecurity context, including gray zone operations and hybrid conflict. In addition, I study the role of the EU and private companies in Danish and European cyber security governance.


    Great power rivalry and technology development

    I explore how the increasing great power rivalry unfolds as a short- and long-term technology competition with political, economic and military consequences. I focus on how the development and implementation of digital technologies and infrastructures - such as 5G, AI and cloud - affects the strategic understanding of security, war and sovereignty, particularly the concepts of technological and digital sovereignty.


    Big Tech in International Politics

    I work with conceptualizing the role of large tech companies in international politics. My emphasis is on understanding what type of international political actors large tech companies are, the type of power they possess, and how they work with and against states.


    Maritime (subsea) infrastructure

    I am responsible for a work page within the Velux Foundation funded project Ocean Infrastructures. In the project, an interdisciplinary research group examines how the oceans are governed today. With a focus on underwater infrastructures, shipping and disaster management, the group develops a new understanding of global maritime policy. I focus particularly on underwater infrastructures and the seabed.




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