Tina Koutouleas

Tina Koutouleas

Enrolled PhD student, Postdoc

Primary fields of research

My PhD project is a part of BREEDCAFS whose broader project aims are to investigate the physiological performance and potential heterosis of new hybrid varieties of Coffea arabica when faced with climate change pertaining specifically to increased temperatures.

Using recently developed hybrids of C. arabica (Arabica) as a case study, as well as hybrids grafted on C. canephora (Robusta), BREEDCAFS will show how a breeding program can benefit both smallholder farmers through new varieties for AFS with increased yields and quality and more resistant and resilient to CC, and the European coffee industry by ensuring long term coffee supply and the provision of an increased range of specialty Arabica coffees.

The project aims to provide a wide range of genotypes that match the diversity of ecological contexts where farmers are living, e.g. genotypes adapted to the generally low-input management inherent to AFS. This objective thus addresses issues of GxE interactions, especially under low input conditions.


ID: 186176264