Tim Flohr Sørensen

Tim Flohr Sørensen

Associate Professor


Current position

Associate professor of contemporary archaeology and archaeological theory, The Saxo Institute.

Member of the Research Committee, The Saxo Institute.

Director of The Hub for Speculative Fabulations upon Incidental Observations.

President for the national corps of censors for archaeology and heritage Studies

Board member of Dialogues with the Past (the Nordic PhD school in archaeology)


Prizes, distinctions and awards



Membership of Societies / Fellowships




As main applicant (PI) I have submitted applications for external research funding for a total of 89.649.926 DKK. This has resulted in grants worth a total 950.264 DKK (success rate: 0,94%)



2020 Leading Research - a leadership course, University of Copenhagen.

2013 University teaching methods for assistant professors and postdocs, Aarhus University.

2010 PhD, Aarhus University, Institute of Anthropology, Archaeology and Linguistics, Department of Prehistoric Archaeology. For my PhD research I enjoyed an internationalisation grant from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, allowing me to spend 18 months at the University of Cambridge as part of my PhD research.

2003 MA, University of Wales Lampeter, Landscape Archaeology (with Distinction).

1999 BA, University of Copenhagen, Near Eastern Archaeology.


Former employment

2014-2017 Assistant professor, University of Copenhagen, Department of Archaeology, The Saxo Institute.

2012-2014 Assistant professor, Aarhus University, Department of Society and Culture, Section for Archaeology.

2010-2012 Postdoctoral researcher (Marie Curie Fellow), University of Cambridge, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research. Research Associate at St John’s College, Cambridge (2011-2012).

2009-2010 Academic assistant, Aarhus University, Institute of Anthropology, Archaeology and Linguistics, Department of Prehistoric Archaeology.

2006-2009 PhD fellow, Aarhus University, Institute of Anthropology, Archaeology and Linguistics, Department of Prehistoric Archaeology.


Participation in projects

2022-2023 Participating in the project The Timeline: Applied archaeology in Køge Nord (directed by Anna S. Beck), funded by The Velux Foundation.

2019- Director of The Hub for Speculative Fabulations upon Incidental Observations.

2016-2018 Co-director of the pilot project Breaking Glass: The archaeology of financial crisis with Anna S. Beck (Museum Southeast Denmark / Aarhus University).

2014-2015 Participating in the project Concrete Heritage Lab: Rethinking the Port of Aarhus as industrial heritage (directed by Mads Daugbjerg), funded by Aarhus University.

2011-2014 Employed on the project Death, Materiality and the Origin of Time (directed by Professor Rane Willerslev), funded by the Danish Research Council.

2010-2011 Employed on the project Forging Identities (directed by Professor Helle Vandkilde), funded by the EC FP7 programme.


Fieldwork experience


Amager Fælled (survey and deposition)


Incidental observations of insignificant objects, Denmark and Sweden


Ruin research, various locations, Denmark.


Holmegaard Glassworks (interior).


Cemetery research Odsherred, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Denmark.

Borum Eshøj, Denmark (excavator; directed by Dr Mads K. Holst).

Gavurkalesi, Turkey (excavator, illustrator; directed by Dr Stephen Lumsden).

Kaman Kalehöyük, Turkey (excavator; directed by Dr Sachihiro Omura).
Rose Cottage Cave, South Africa (excavator; directed by Professor Lyn Wadley).

Gavurkalesi, Turkey (excavator, illustrator; directed by Dr Stephen Lumsden).


Peer reviews for

  • Antiquity
  • Archaeological Dialogues
  • Arkæologisk Forum
  • Cambridge Archaeological Journal
  • Current Swedish Archaeology
  • Danish Journal of Archaeology
  • Emotion, Space and Society
  • Estonian Journal of Archaeology
  • European Journal of Archaeology
  • Folklore
  • Forum Kritische Archäologie
  • Gefjon
  • Geografiska Annaler
  • HEROM. Journal on Hellenistic and Roman Material Culture
  • International Journal of Heritage Studies
  • Journal of Aesthetics and Culture
  • Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory
  • Journal of Archaeological Science
  • Journal of Contemporary Archaeology
  • Journal of Irish Archaeology
  • Journal of Material Culture
  • Journal of Social Archaeology
  • Material Culture Review
  • Mortality
  • Norwegian Archaeological Review
  • Open Archaeology
  • Open Philosophy
  • PLos ONE
  • Primitive tider
  • Qualitative Sociology
  • Slagmark
  • In additon to several book chapters and book proposals


Organisation of seminars and conferences


Archaeologies of Dwelling and the Built Environment. PhD seminar, organised with Marianne Hem Eriksen (The University of Oslo) for DialPast (the Nordic PhD school for archaeology). 24.2.2020-28.2.2020, Rome, Italy.


Antinomies of Vagueness: Exploring obscurity, vacancy and ambiguity as cultural resource. Conference at the University of Copenhagen, co-organised with Martin Demant Frederiksen (University of Copenhagen). 20.4.2017-21.4.2017. Copenhagen, DK.


Materialities of the Pressing Past: Challenges in post-medieval archaeology and the archaeology of the recent past. PhD seminar, organised with Þóra Pétursdóttir (UiT The Arctic University of Norway) for DialPast (the Nordic PhD school for archaeology). 31.4.2016-4.11.2016, Copenhagen, DK.

On the Trace: Passing, presence and the persistence of the past. Conference at the University of Copenhagen, co-organised with Þóra Pétursdóttir (UiT The Arctic University of Norway). 22.9.2016-23.9.2016. Copenhagen, DK.


Technologies of Disposal: The archaeology of waste, burial and removal. Session at Nordic Theoretical Archaeology Group XV, co-organised with Vivi Lena Andersen (University of Copenhagen), 18.4.2015, Copenhagen, DK.


Concrete Heritage: Industry, Inclusion, Intervention. Conference at Aarhus University, co-organised with Casper Andersen and Mads Daugbjerg (AU). 13.11.2014-14.11.2014. Aarhus, DK.

Crisis: Cultural responses to collapse, conflict and emergency. PhD workshop at Aarhus University, co-organised with Felix Riede and Annette Højen Sørensen (AU). 6.11.2014-7.11.2014, Aarhus, DK.

Technologies of Time: The temporalities of ethnographic and archaeological research in the digital world. PhD workshop at the IT University of Copenhagen, co-organised with Steffen Dalsgaard (ITU), Christopher Gad (ITU) and Michael Eilenberg (Aarhus University). 2.10.2014-3.10.2014, Copenhagen, DK.

Travelling Temporalities. Workshop co-organised with Mette Løvschal, Morten Nielsen and Rane Willerslev (Aarhus University), 6.4.2014-7.4.2014, Aarhus, DK.


Ruination and Conservation: Practical perspectives on the management of architectural heritage. Seminar co-organised with Rainer Atzbach (Aarhus University), 26.9.2013, Aarhus, DK.

Materialities of Passing. Workshop co-organised with Peter Bjerregaard and Anders Emil Rasmussen (Culture Historical Museum Oslo), 20.4.2013-21.4.2013, Oslo, NO.


Collecting and Recollecting the Past: Heritage at the intersection of practice and analysis. Seminar co-organised with Mads Daugbjerg (Aarhus University), 29.11.2012, Aarhus, DK.

Materialities of Time: Ritual, death and the practice of archaeology. PhD seminar, organised for DialPast (the Nordic PhD school for archaeology). 14.6.2012-16.6.2012, Aarhus, DK.

Understanding Atmospheres: Culture, Materiality and the Texture of the Inbetween. Conference co-organised with Mikkel Bille (University of Copenhagen), Peter Bjerregaard (Culture Historical Museum, Oslo) and Anne Line Dalsgaard (Aarhus University), 16.3.2012-17.3.2012, Aarhus, DK.


Let the Metal Flow. Workshop co-organised with Maikel H.G. Kuijpers (University of Cambridge), 30.9.2012, Cambridge, UK.


Ethics and Politics. PhD seminar co-organised with Maikel H.G. Kuijpers and Marie Louise Stig Sørensen (both University of Cambridge), 28.11.2012-29.11.2012, Cambridge, UK.


The Affective Properties of Architecture. Session at Theoretical Archaeology Group 31, co-organised with Serena Love (Stanford University) and Oliver J.T. Harris (University of Cambridge), 18.12.2009, Durham, UK.


The Presence of Absence: Materiality and Beyond. PhD seminar and conference coorganised with Mikkel Bille (Univeristy College London) and Frida Hastrup (University of Copenhagen), 19.4.2008-20.4.2008, DK.


The Art of Destruction: Phenomenology, Fragmentation and Material Culture. PhD seminar and conference co-organised with Mads Dengsø Jessen and Troels Myrup Kristensen (both Aarhus University), 6.12.2007-7.12.2007, Aarhus, DK.

Intentionality, Dysfunctions and Unintended Consequences. Session at Nordic Theoretical Archaeology Group IX, co-organised with Søren Sindbæk (Aarhus University), 12.6.2007, Aarhus, DK.

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