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thw266 KU

Professor, Affiliate Professor

Member of:

    Education:     B.Sc. in Biology, Xiamen University (2004)

                            Ph.D. in Comparative Genomics, Kunming Zoology Institute, Chinese Academy of Science, People's Republic of China (2010)


    Positions held

    2022 Feb. - present.         Chair Professor, Zhejiang University, China

    2022 Feb. - present          Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen

    2017 Sep. - 2022 Jan.        Full Professor, Section of Evolution and Ecology, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen 

    2017 March - 2017 Sep.     Associate Professor, Section of Evolution and Ecology, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen

    2015 – 2017 March            Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Section of Evolution and Ecology, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen,

    2012-2014                 Assistant Professor, Centre for Social Evolution, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen,

    2012 – 2021            Associate Director of the China National GeneBank, BGI, China

    2010 – 2012                Associate Director of the Research Department, BGI, China

    2009 – 2010                Associate Director of the Bioinformatics Center, BGI, China

    2006 – 2009                Leader of the Comparative Genomic and Evolution group, BGI


    Short-term visiting fellowships and stays abroad

    2011                            CSIRO, Australia (1 month)

    2010                            University of Copenhagen, Denmark (1 month)


    Leadership and coordination of large international consortia

    • Leader of the Tree of Life Project initiated by BGI, with participation of >100 international groups (2010 – 2011)
    • Coordinator of the Genome10K program at BGI for sequencing 100 vertebrate genomes, together with Professor Stephen O’ Brien from NIH, Professor David Haussler from UC Davis, and Professor Oliver Ryder from San Diego Zoo (Since 2010)
    • Co-leader of the Avian Phylogenomics Project, together with Professor Thomas Gilbert from the University of Copenhagen and Associate Professor Erich Jarvis from Duke University (Since 2011)
    • Committee member of the i5K Consortium, the Cephalopod Genome Consortium, the Genomic Standards Consortium, and the De-extinction Project
    • Co-leader of B10K Project to sequence the genomes of all extant birds.

    Academic service

    • Associate Editor of the 3 Biotech Journal (since 2011) and Human Genomics (since 2012) and Editorial board member of ELS (Encyclopedia of Life Sciences) since 2013
    • Peer reviewer for a substantial number of journals (including NatureNature seriesScienceGenome ResearchCurrent BiologyPLoS GeneticsBMC Genomics) and several grant-giving agencies

    Prizes and Awards

    2016     Carlsberg Distingushied Associate Professor

    2015     Lundbeck Fellowship

    2013    Ju-chi Li Animal Genetics Prize (two awards every second year in China)

    2012    Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship, European Commission

    2011    Sir Frederick McMaster Visiting Fellowship, CSIRO, Australia (nominated by the Director of CSIRO’s Animal Health Laboratory)

    2011    Top 100 excellent theses, Chinese Academy of Science (top 100 from 13,000 PhDs)

    2010    Leading Talent in Science of Shenzhen city (50 awardees from all fields)




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