Thomas Just Sørensen

Thomas Just Sørensen


Molecules and Light

My interests as well as my work are distributed over a large number of fields and techniques. Two things are ever present: Ligth and molecules. I work and interests are centered on the interaction between ligth and discete molecular enteties.

I work on two levels. I investigate the fundamental science invovled in the action of organic dyes and lanthanide complexes. And I work towards the development of new technologies based on dyes and fluorscence.

My work is currently funded by Carlsbergfondet, Villum Fonden andLundbeckfonden

If you are a student at the University of Coepnhagen and are interested in doing you Master's or Bachelor project in my group, do not hesistate to contact me. There are always several project on the drawing board and there migth be an option to tailor make a project suiting your interests.

Primary fields of research

Organic Synthesis • Lanthanide chemisty • Lanthanide photophysics • Thin films • Photophysics • Dyes • UV-vis spektroscopy • Fluorescence spektroscopy • Electrochemistry • X-ray Reflektometry • Langmuir & Langmuir-Blodgett tecniques • MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry • Binding studies • TC-SPC measurements • Quantum Chemical Calculations • Bioimaging • Fluorescence technology • Optical sensors

Possible conflicts of interest

Secondary activities

Thomas Just Sørensen is founder, stake-holder, and advisor in the company FRS-systems ( FRS-systems develop and market optical sensor systems.

Thomas Just Sørensen founder and stake-holder in the company KU-dyes that make and sell dyes.

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