Thomas Bentin

Thomas Bentin

Visiting researcher

Current research

Recently, we initiated work in the field of chromosome biology. We have developed novel chromosome locus-specific live-cell imaging technology using Cas9 derivatives. We aim to observe how certain conditions impact specific human chromosomal loci. We hope to generate a deeper understanding of chromosome dynamics and in particular of cancer-associated loci. This work is a collaboration with Ian D. Hickson and the Center for Chromosome Stability.

Previously, we discovered how chaperonins impact bacterial resistance to translation corrupting antibiotics. We have uncovered criteria for engineering of mRNAs with predictable translation outputs. Using mutant aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases, we introduced synthetic photo-reactive amino acid into the genetic code of E. coli. We engineered a novel GFP variant aiming to develop a reporter for translational fidelity. We studied how DNA topology impact mRNA transcription and peptide nucleic acid binding to dsDNA.


I teach cell biology and molecular biology for medical students, and other students. I also mentor bachelors, masters and/or Ph.D. students doing their research projects.

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