Susanne Nautrup Olsen

Susanne Nautrup Olsen

Hospital Manager

Susanne Nautrup Olsen (SNO) is an internal medicine specialist, whose education, training and working experience has contributed to a broad knowledge of large animal medicine, especially equine medicine science. Furthermore SNO has extensive experience in veterinary clinical teaching and post-graduate education. As head of the Large Animal Teaching Hospital (LATH) since 2003, SNO has been continuously involved in all aspects of running a university hospital including building, moving and maintaining the state of the art facilities of LATH i Taastrup. SNO has extensive knowledge and experience about management and keeping of horses in Denmark’s, which was utilized as a member of Ministry of Justice working group "Hold af heste" (The keeping of horses). SNO has a broad network to people working within general veterinary practice in Denmark and to international veterinary universities. SNO holds a position as vice-chair in the National Veterinary Health Council since 2005.
SNO graduated from the Royal Veterinary- and Agricultural University in 1986 and obtained her PhD at the same institution in 1995.


Participation in development of teaching programmes, courses and/or seminars within the veterinary curriculum. Former member of the Veterinary Study Board, Chairman and member of the educational Committee by the Clinical Department and course responsible for several clinical courses. Extensive teaching experience within all areas of Large Animal Medicine within the veterinary curriculum including supervision of bachelor and master students.

Heavily involved in the preparation of AVMA-accreditation (2009-2015); EAEVE-evaluation (2000) and the Danish self-evaluation (1998).

Numerous lectures an courses given as continuing courses for practitioners.


ID: 15444146