Susanne Knøchel

Susanne Knøchel


Professor and Section Head, Food Microbiology 

Primary fields of research

2015-18                   Professor II at Norwegian University for Science

                               and Technology,Trondheim

2010-                       Professor and Section Head, Food Microbiology,

Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen

2003                        Professor with special assignment in microbial food safety

2002-3                    Initiator and head of LMC research school “FOOD”

1991                       Associate professor (Food Preservation Microbiology), Dept.

Dairy & Food Science,  Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark

1989-91                  Senior researcher. Water Quality Institute.

1984-89                  Senior researcher. Danish Institute for Fisheries Research

1982-84                  Visiting scholar, Osaka University, Japan

(Awarded Monbusho Scholarship).

1981-82                  Research Associate. Danish Institute for Fisheries Research

Other activities

Co-founder and Chairman of the organisation Council for Better Hygiene (from 2008). The council has approx. +800 members from academia, companies, municipalities and unions in Denmark and Sweden and has arranged >30 meetings for >2000 participants.

Member of the Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV) 


Communication activities to the broader public

2-5 annual lectures/speeches at national meetings

> 25 TV/radio appearances and 120 newspaper/journal citations

Has been part of the science panel in Ingeniøren as well as Samvirke   



  • Responsible for the international MSc course “Safety in the Food Chain” at University of Copenhagen
  • Responsible for the development, planning, administration and teaching of the course in “Control of Foodborne Microorganisms” (7,5 ECTS)

ID: 4224111